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We welcome our international students to join our communities at our campuses in Lugano and in Malta.
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Our main student campus is in Smart City, Malta, is a modern and innovative business hub with a global perspective. Set to become the leading ICT and Media cluster in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Smart City is a microcosm geared towards learning and innovation, with a stunning sea view.

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Our courses may also be found in Lugano, the heart of the Italian Switzerland – a land of peace and stunning natural landscapes. The infrastructure here has been renewed and enlarged to include a multi-speciality healthcare centre, a place where teaching, training, clinical practice, scientific research and health care assistance are perfectly intertwined.

Currently at Ludes Lugano Campus we develop our course in Physioteraphy Honours. Ludes Lugano Campus offers students the right environment and framework to build their cultural and educational path in a time of fast-paced and sometimes complex changes.
The campus is located in Lugano, a wonderful town in Switzerland’s Italian region, unexpected Mediterranean oasis between lake and mountains, benefits from a privileged landscape and an enviable lifestyle.
Switzerland combines the safety and peace with interesting events and activities.
Here, in Lugano Region, there is always something happening from outdoor adventures
to sporting and cultural events, festivals and top-class food and wine.
Studying in Lugano means getting educated in a peaceful, green and quiet setting, but
also in an environmentally friendly place, respectful towards personal safety and
everyone’s inalienable rights.
An idyllic, relaxing but stimulating surrounding, that offers the best environmental and
existential guarantees to students who want to start a serious, rigorous education,
concretely opened to the job market needs.
Last but not least, Switzerland connects northern and southern Europe, and Lugano is
only 60 km from Milan.