BSc in Physiotherapy Honours (MQF Level 6)

Working as a physiotherapist is never dull. Get satisfaction helping others returning back to full health and wellness.

Registration open for the new intake starting 22th October 2018!
The world of physiotherapy is rapidly evolving, the new frontiers of digital technology and advanced robotics in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation field, make it a highly specialized and requested professional sector. Be part of it!

Admission tests will take place on the 22th of October 2018 in Palermo, Sicily; on the 24th of October 2018 in Napoli Italy, and on the 29th of October 2018 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.


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UCM United Campus of Malta is an innovative Higher Education Institution based in Malta, an international hub in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

UCM sources for worldwide innovative learning approaches, reinterprets and offers them to students who are aiming to be part of the new international job trends. We engage international business professionals and pioneers in the most innovative, interdisciplinary education techniques to assure the highest learning standard.

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UCM, maintains its strong reputation in the field of physiotherapy, and has now branched into other medical sectors, such as psychology & disability, neuroscience & rehabilitation and dental sciences (specifically on orthodontics).
As people live longer, disabling chronic conditions threaten to impact their daily functioning and well-being. Rehabilitation is considered the key for health worldwide in 21st Century.


UCM is focusing on courses and activities to support young entrepreneurship, international business development and promoting international student exchanges.


UCM explores ideas that will shape our global future. Bringing together professors and lecturers in Global & social affairs, UCM provides students with the rights skills to develop a critical mindset to tackle the global challenges of current times.

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  • Malta, a modern and innovative business hub

    Our main student campus is in Smart City, Malta, is a modern and innovative business hub with a global perspective. Set to become the leading ICT and Media cluster in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Smart City is a microcosm geared towards learning and innovation with a stunning sea view.

  • Lugano, a wonderful town in Switzerland

    Our courses may also be found in Lugano, the heart of the Italian Switzerland – a land of peace and stunning natural landscapes. The infrastructure here has been renewed and enlarged to include a multi-speciality healthcare centre, a place where teaching, training, clinical practice, scientific research and health care assistance are perfectly intertwined.

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