Medical – Rehabilitation Area

JILLSTUDIO-341 Manuthera

Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy

With theoretical knowledge and manual skills, empathy and organization, preventive and rehabilitation techniques, the Physiotherapy course is a complete, rigorous and professional course.


Bachelor Degree in Psychology

The Online Bachelor’s degree in Psychology enables students to learn the basic theoretical and practical aspects of psychology, integrated with other forms of knowledge especially with
reference to sociology, philosophy, medicine and education.


Bachelor Degree in Dietetic Technician

This Bachelor degree course has as its primary objective the preparation of the learner to the profession of Dietetic technician, that is to say the healthcare worker appropriately skilled to carry out the activities for a correct application of nutrition and food intake, including the educational aspects and the cooperation in implementing food policies accordingly
to current laws.


Bachelor Degree in Dental Science

Doctors in dentistry practice their profession according to the principle of social solidarity, without distinction of gender and race, especially with regard to the most vulnerable groups.They watch over citizens’ oral health and always promote wellbeing and benefits for patients, not only from the pathological point of view but also from the aesthetic one.