Bachelor Degree in Psychology


UCM psychology graduates will be qualified to work in various professional contexts including: professionals in vocational training – school educational facilities – family counseling – healt facilities for assistance to the disabled.

The Online Bachelor’s degree in Psychology enables students to learn the basic theoretical and practical aspects of psychology, integrated with other forms of knowledge especially with reference to sociology, philosophy, medicine and education.
The course aims at providing the students the ability to carry out research and operate in the area of psychological services, social institutions and organisations.
During their studies they will receive, in reference to the European Certificate (Euro-psychologist), six basic skills namely: theoretical, methodological, diagnostic, communicative, interventional and organisational.
This degree course opens opportunities for students for multidisciplinary training both practical and theoretical, graduates will be able to make a clear choice about future careers.
Graduates in psychology can work with their skills in various fields: health care, education, training and coaching, sports teams, communication, marketing, advertising and research.

The Bachelor’s degree in Psychology Honours, MFQ: Level 6, Mode of Study: full time-on-line, d-uration: 3 years, credits: 180, Language: Italian and English, issued by UCM United Campus of Malta HEI Foundation, is accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education and is based on the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF).

The Malta Qualifications Framework is mapped against:

– the European Qualification Framework ;

– the Qualifications Frameworks in the European Higher Education Area (QF/EHEA) ;

– the Transnational Qualifications Framework (TQF) .

The UCM graduate in Psychology who wanted to work in Italy will also have the faculty of:

  1. a) requesting the academic recognition of the qualification (obtaining the corresponding Italian qualification) from an Italian University of preference (pursuant to art. 2, Law 148/2002 of the Italian Law).
  2. b) requesting non-academic recognition in Italy for access to public competitions from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department of Public Administration – P.P.A. Office (pursuant to Art. 38 of Legislative Decree 165/2001 and Art. 2 of Presidential Decree 189/2009 of the Italian regulatory framework).

The different approaches of applied psychology will enable students to face the challenges of contemporary society

This degree program allows you to have an advanced knowledge of psychology in harmony with other related disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, anthropology and medicine.

The student will acquire the skills to work in team and individually and will learn to support scientific arguments and to solve complex problems.

The student will have the opportunity to acquire additional skills by participating in workshops and simulations

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  • Reservation Fee: 150 €
  • Annual Fee: 6.000 €
  • End of cycle Fee: 600 €
  • Secretarial Fee: 150 €