United Campus Of Malta
We are an innovative Higher Education Institution based in Malta
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Living In Malta
Malta is a rich cultural melting pot at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Our main student campus is in Smart City
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Swiss Campus
Our courses may also be found in Lugano, the heart of the Italian Switzerland
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Swiss Choiche Quality Health Center
Choice is a centre specializing in physiotherapy rehabilitation and personal health.
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Degree Courses

UCM degree programs are divided into Medical Rehabilitation, Legal-Economic, Criminological-Investigation-Security,  Business Administration – Entrepreneurial Area.

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Master’s degree in Medical Rehabilitation Area

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Short courses in Healthcare Management Area

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About Us

Our commitment is aimed to promoting the exchange of knowledge
and traditions with populations inside and outside Europe, in order
to enrich our knowledge and break down the barriers of divisions
due mainly to the lack of knowledge of the other. With this spirit we
become an effective means of dialogue and confrontation, even where
we encounter ideological divisions and conflicts.
Prof. Paolo Sotgiu
Founder of Campus Ludes in Svizzera


Graduation Day

“We congratulate our bachelor’s students on the successful completion of their studies in Physiotherapy. Wishing every success and fulfilment on their career path in the professional world”. Prof. Vincenzo Savica UCM President of the BSc. Degree Course in Physiotherapy, already full professor in Nephrology dip. Internal Medicine Messina University

Welcome message to the Holy Father Pope Francis

Welcome message to the Holy Father Pope Francis of the Minister Nahayyan bin Mubarak Alnahayyan Minister of Tolerance, United Arab Emirates   www.ilmessaggero.it/

UCM now in the Balkans, agreement reached!

As part of the internationalization and development process, Dr. Fausto Gennuso, UCM Director General, has reached an agreement that will bring international students from the Balkans to Malta, who will attend the Bachelor degree and Master courses offered by UCM.  The UCM expansion process aims to attract students and talents by promoting the mobility and…

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