United Campus Of Malta
We are an innovative Higher Education Institution based in Malta
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United Campus Of Malta
We are an innovative Higher Education Institution based in Malta
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Living In Malta
Malta is a rich cultural melting pot at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Swiss Campus
Our courses may also be found in Lugano, the heart of the Italian Switzerland
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Swiss Choiche Quality Health Center
Choice is a centre specializing in physiotherapy rehabilitation and personal health.
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Degree Courses

UCM degree programs are divided into Medical Rehabilitation, Legal-Economic, Criminological-Investigation-Security,  Business Administration – Entrepreneurial Area.

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Master’s degree in Medical Rehabilitation Area

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Credit Recognition

Prior learning recognition (RPL)

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UCM Official Information

Please find here all the official information from our Foundation and the Maltese Government.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused in France by Jean François Dumas, General Secretary of the National Council of the Order of Masseurs-Physiotherapists, but we would like to inform you that UCM has already taken action in this regard.

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Procedure for recognition of prior learning

Upon student’s request, UCM conducts a process for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in order to evaluate formal, non-formal and informal learning outcomes, exams, knowledge, skills, competences already achieved by the candidate, as well as work experiences.The evaluation of documents for recognition of prior learning is established under the payment of an amount of €200,00 (two hundred euro) to be paid in advance by the student through a bank transfer(see document “Procedure for recognition of prior learning”.
The documents requested shall be sent via e-mail at committeerpl@ucm.edu.mt in PDF format.

About Us

Our commitment is aimed to promoting the exchange of knowledge
and traditions with populations inside and outside Europe, in order
to enrich our knowledge and break down the barriers of divisions
due mainly to the lack of knowledge of the other. With this spirit we
become an effective means of dialogue and confrontation, even where
we encounter ideological divisions and conflicts.
Prof. Paolo Sotgiu
Founder of Campus Ludes in Svizzera


National Day Interventional and Regenerative Rehabilitation Medicine | a new generation of physiatrist

Lecce – July 3, 2021 Grand Hotel Tiziano e dei Congressi Presidents Pietro Fiore E Raffaello Pellegrino 

Pubmed: Consensus paper on postural dysfunction: recommendations for prevention, diagnosis and therapy

Raffaello Pellegrino (UCM Professor) e coll.

Smart Flight Index

Smart Flight Index, UCM – Science Adventure e Ontonix UCM’s Physiotherapy Students involved in a study of posture during flights. Carried out the flight for the collection and study of data of the research project “Smart Flight Index”. The sensors were placed on board the aircraft, to define an index of cabin comfort, to be…

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