The 3D hands-on labs

3 Feb 2021

The 3D hands-on labs

In the UCM Science Adventure Lab, teachers are preparing the next theoretical and practical lessons for the use of 3D printers applied to Physiotherapy.

A professional 3D printer will be used, with a large working plane, which will allow to produce in the laboratory orthoses and prostheses customized on the patient: already in the next weeks the working protocols will be drawn up for the European Health Certification.

The Lab’s practical lessons are video-recorded and usable by students on the UCM eLearning platform – in AR/VR, using 3D virtual glasses.

The 3D hands-on labs, and the VR virtual reality experiences, stimulate students to unleash their potential, to move from theory to practice, encouraging an attitude of research aimed at finding new solutions and new approaches in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

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