Master in Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent) Orthodontics


The Master in Clinical Dentistry will enable students to treat dentofacial deformities, treat patient presenting deciduous, mixed and permanent dentition, diagnose and treat Class I, II and III malocclusions, vertical and transversal occlusal alterations, treat adult patients even with reduced dentition and/or periodontal problems, interact with other specialists and be part of a multidisciplinary team.

The Master in Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent) Orthodontics is an intensive theoretical and practical course which runs for four years, on a part-time basis. Students are expected to attend one week of theoretical lessons in Malta, held 3 times a year, for the 4 years of duration of the programme. The course is taught by specialists with extensive experience in the field and who are mostly accredited by the European Board of Orthodontics.

Subjects will be taught through group sessions, seminars practical skills training, and students-led enhancement sessions. Once the clinic and the supervisor are selected and confirmed by UCM in line with regulatory requirements, a learning agreement shall be signed between the parties to outline the quality assurance procedures, the learning outcomes, assessment and reporting processes. In all cases, students have to be responsible for ensuring that they have the necessary warrants/authority/insurance to perform clinical practice.

Il corso di studi del Master in Clinical Dentistry rilasciato da UCM United Campus of Malta HEI Foundation, è accreditato dalla Commissione Nazionale per l’Istruzione Superiore (National Commission for Further and Higher Education) in base al Quadro Maltese delle Qualifiche (Malta Qualifications Framework – MQF).

Il quadro delle qualifiche europeo (CEC) è inserito nel quadro europeo delle certificazioni (CEC), nel quadro delle certificazioni dello Spazio europeo dell’insegnamento superiore (QF/EHEA) e nel quadro transnazionale delle qualifiche (TQF).

Per quanto concerne, invece, il riconoscimento accademico del titolo (conseguimento del corrispondente titolo italiano), l’Ente competente è l’Università (ex art. 2, legge 148/2002).

In ordine al riconoscimento non accademico finalizzato all’accesso ai pubblici concorsi, l’Ente competente è la Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica – Ufficio P.P.A. (ex Art. 38 D. Lgs. 165/2001 e Art. 2 DPR 189/2009).

The Masters combines lectures and research with mandatory clinical training modules. Clinical practice needs to achieve a set of learning outcomes and may be done at our partners clinic in La Spezia, Italy or at fully qualified clinics in your country of preference.

The latter will only be accepted following the submission of relevant certificates and documentation showing that the clinics are fully authorized to perform the practice in question. All clinical practice will also be supervised.

The clinical practice at our clinics will be done by our supervisors and professors. Supervision at other clinics needs to be undertaken by qualified personnel. For this purpose, UCM requires Curriculum Vitae and certificates showing the qualifications of your chosen supervisor.

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